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Helping new listeners find their groove.

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the ask

Turn casual listeners into devoted Spotify fans.

Anyone who spends any time on Spotify knows that we rely on the platform’s musical mindreading to discover our next favorite song. But first-timers risked missing out because the algorithm didn’t know them yet. How could Spotify get new members to engage as much as possible early on, so they could discover what makes this streaming service so awesome?

Campaign Strategy / Content Strategy / Concept Development / Creative Direction / Art Direction / Visual Design / Motion Design / Copywriting / Asset Creation / Localization
the insight

Having access to 82 million tracks at once is amazing… and overwhelming.

Spotify is a game changer in the way it enables people to experience music. The promise millions of songs, albums, playlists and artists picked to suit you and your moods is a music lover’s dream, but new users will only discover how powerfully personalized the Spotify experience is the more they listen and explore. And that’s overwhelming.

the solution

A multichannel welcome strategy that makes for easy listening.

We worked with the Spotify team to reimagine the new users’ musical journey. Delightful emails and smart push notifications guided new users – step-by-step – through key features and best practices. From discovering new music, favoriting their first song, or following artists. We tested what inspired listeners to vibe and what milestones were worth celebrating.

Data revealed the perfect frequency to keep listeners on track.

Dynamic email templates let us give each listener a custom mix.

We jammed with Spotify’s illustrator to expand the library of art.

Next, we put Premium users in the spotlight and gave them their own strategic setlist.

Ongoing data collection and optimization made sure the campaign always struck a chord with listeners.

We took it on a world tour, localizing for over 50 markets.

Bonus track: Since our collab was such a hit, Spotify asked us to help with a side project—creating a custom throwback playlist for every user.