EA + Google —

Getting fans fired up with new ways to talk trash.

GIFerator / Platform
the ask

Put the power of banner ads on full display.

Google wanted to showcase the power of display ads by showing how the underdog ad unit could actually drive a second screen experience when it mattered most. Enter player 2: EA was looking for a way to tap into NFL’s fanbase for Madden’s latest launch. So we teamed up with Google + EA to make a game plan.

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the insight

While rivalry games play out on the big screen, fans go all-in online.

Today’s football fan is watching the game with a buffalo wing in one hand and their smartphone in the other (careful… sticky). That means trash talk isn’t just for the parking lot tailgate or the nosebleeds. The conversation is on the web and it’s happening live.

the solution

Real-time GIFs, ready-made for game day.

GIFERATOR put Madden at the center of every game day convo. Our GIF creation engine sandwiched smart smack talk and live game data between slices of Madden footage to create hyper-relevant ads in real time. That means every Cowboys fan looking up 3rd-quarter stats was getting hit with the Packers’ latest endzone dance. (Ouch!) But we didn’t stop there. Fans could then click through to craft the perfect custom comeback.

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GIFERATOR’s ads were so fast they beat out official score updates.

Endless combos of players, visuals, and copy meant no team was safe. 

We gave fans full control to craft the perfect slam.

Fans took the ball and ran with it. 


We dominated.

GIFERATOR won the internet. It began trending on Tumblr, spawned its own subreddit, exploded on Twitter, and was covered by everyone from The Washington Post to Buzzfeed.

420k+ gifs shared across the internet

Preceded a best-selling Madden launch

Earned a page in Know Your Meme history

“One of the most innovative digital ad products of 2014.”

— AdWeek

“This brings a whole new element to the art of trash-talking."

— Bleacher Report

“This is about as real-time as it gets.”

— Digiday