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Delivering thought leadership at the pace of today’s trends.

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the ask

Convert Google's long-form thought leadership into the future of data storytelling.

Think with Google offers a wealth of marketing knowledge, from overarching strategy tools to deck-ready stats and insights. But with mobile use trending higher than ever and a rising desire for more bite-sized content, marketers needed new ways to take in data and analysis. Google tasked us with innovating the marketing thought leadership space.

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Marketers are often too busy making content to consume it.

In the highly competitive world of digital marketing, it’s imperative to understand the latest consumer trends and insights. But marketers are juggling multi-channel plans, agency relationships, and the latest campaign creative, leaving them with too little time to read a blog, much less subscribe to one. In this post-pandemic world digital trends are moving at break-neck speeds leaving marketers hungry for the latest trends in an easy to digest format — not another newsletter. 

the solution

Dynamic interactive stories that serve up the insights marketers crave.

We reimagined thought leadership content, turning raw data and trend reports into visually compelling interactive experiences, pushing the boundaries of data-driven storytelling with dynamic visuals. From award-winning microsites to mobile-first, tappable content translated across 18 languages, we helped marketers process, understand, and retain more information, more quickly.

We turned complex content into interactive experiences with eye-catching visuals.


Feeding marketers' insatiable appetite for insights

Partnering with Google business units, from YouTube to retail to search, we evolved the delivery of impactful content to meet marketers when and where they needed it most.

Increase in TwG engagement rate

4+ minutes on-site vs. 2.3 TwG minute average