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Unlocking the power of Google’s shopping data.

Shopping Insights / Platform
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Help retailers understand their customers.

We live in a world where all of our activity turns into data, but it’s not always easy for businesses to find it, and harder still for them to use it to help themselves or their customers. Armed with the mission to organize the world’s data and make it useful, Google was looking to help retailers uncover customer trends informed by billions of Google searches.

Concept Development / Creative Direction / Art Direction & Design / Front & Back-End Development
the insight

The shopping journey has changed.

In today’s world it’s easy to think that people live exclusively online, but in reality our connected world is much more complex than that. When it comes to shopping, online and offline have significant but distinct parts to play in the shopping journey that play to their strengths. It’s why even though 92% of goods are still purchased in stores, 87% of research happens online.

the solution

Storytelling with data.

We created the Shopping Insights platform to put Google’s search data in the hands of retailers. They could start by searching thousands of products, but could then carve the data into specific markets, filter by device, or explore different shopping periods such as Black Friday or back-to-school.

Retailers could search over 5,000 products.

Responsive design that works across devices.


Turning data into action.

Shopping Insights was widely recognized for arming retailers with a better understanding of users’ shopping intent online, and giving them the power to make more informed decisions around merchandising and marketing.