Transparent Seas —

Transforming art with light and color.

Transparent Seas / Physical-Digital Installations
the ask

Light up a neighborhood.

Norfolk, Virginia’s NEON arts district is located in a once-blighted neighborhood. Stakeholders in the community wanted to attract more visitors, and to encourage people to take part in the revitalization of the district.

Fabrication & Installation / Concept Development / Art Direction & Design / User Experience / Illustration / Interactive Development
the insight

Local art is now global.

Everyone has a camera in their pocket and social media at their fingertips. Seeing public art in cities and towns around the world is no longer a walk, drive or flight away — you can be there in a click. In order to get people to visit the NEON district, we had to create art that couldn’t be experienced in a photograph or through a phone screen.

the solution

Art you can only experience in person.

We created a 40-foot interactive mural to serve as a beacon for the district. The multi-layered artwork transforms with interactive LED lights based on the movements of its onlookers, revealing different layers of the artwork under different colors of light.