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Exposing the dangers of online child exploitation.

No Escape Room / Interactive Film
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Help NCMEC educate parents on the rising issue of sextortion.

Sextortion is one of the biggest risks kids and teens face online, but most parents don’t understand how it happens. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) wanted our help in spreading awareness about this rising threat in a way that would both inform parents about the issue and establish NCMEC as the leader in the fight to protect children online.

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Parents think they know their kids' internet habits, but don't realize how quickly children can fall victim online.

Many parents don’t know how savvy online child predators are and how innocently these interactions begin, even though they might think they’re keeping an eye on their kids online. Meanwhile, crimes like sextortion are happening at an alarming rate both down the street—and down the hall. Parents’ lack of awareness means they aren’t able to spot the warning signs or realize how easily this could happen to any kid (yes, even their kid). Research shows that simply learning more about the issue and having a conversation with their children could make a big difference.

the solution

An interactive film that shows parents what it feels like to be exploited online.

In order for parents to really understand the risk to their children, we knew we needed to do more than simply educate on what sextortion looks like—we also needed to build empathy for what sextortion feels like. NO ESCAPE ROOM places parents directly into the experience of a kid caught in one of these schemes, capturing the visceral, anxiety-inducing panic of suddenly finding yourself trapped with no way out. By the end of the seven-minute film, parents discover the important role they play in helping children escape these situations.

Inspired by real text exchanges for chilling authenticity.

Disorienting VFX underscore the moment everything changes. 

Parents are empowered to take action after watching.

A paid media campaign drove parents into the experience to learn more.

The film shows how this tragic scenario can play out during a normal day, right under parents’ noses.