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Connecting smart products in e-commerce just like in real life.

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the ask

Show online shoppers how the Google Pixel collection works together.

On their own, Google products are incredible, but when you connect them – your Pixel phone, watch, and Buds — become truly remarkable. Google wanted to show shoppers just how helpful a set of connected devices could be. And they might find  themselves adding another device …or two… to their cart while shopping on the Google Store. 

Concept Development / Creative Direction / Art Direction / UX / UI Design / Visual Design / Content Production / Motion Design / Copywriting / Asset Creation
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the insight

Purchasing connected products is disconnected from how people use them.

Sure you can read a list of features and check out reviews from other happy customers when you’re shopping online, but those only go so far in helping you envision how these products will fit into your life. You don’t actually get to experience the magic of how they work together before committing to the whole shebang.

the solution

The magic of Google’s connected devices, brought to life for online shoppers.

We created an immersive experience for the Google Store’s product detail pages where shoppers could try out connected devices in real-life scenarios – like getting directions to that new Ramen spot on your Google Watch to using your phone to find a lost Pixel Bud in your living room.

Combining storytelling and interactive 3D technology, we showcased the benefits of cross-product ownership with Google’s ecosystem in consumers’ everyday lives.

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Take your devices for a spin in a series of real-life scenarios. 

Built as a scalable platform to support exciting new features and product launches.