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Giving underrepresented artists a platform to share their work with the world.

Creator Labs / Platform
the ask

Amplify the next-generation of artists by making their work more accessible.

Google Pixel’s Creator Labs supports rising talent in the art world who are shining a light on the under-celebrated and under-represented. Featuring powerful images — all taken with the Pixel phone — its gallery exhibitions garner global press and feature themes of belonging, identity, and community. Google asked us to create the first digital home for Creator Labs, a place for artists to tell their own stories, in their own unique voices.

Creative Strategy / Experience Strategy / Creative Direction / Art Direction / UX / UI Design / Visual Design / Content Production / Technical Strategy / Full Stack Development
the insight

These artists aren’t just sharing their stories — they’re changing the narrative.

When art can so often make you feel like you don’t know what you’re looking at, a new generation of  storytellers are boldly creating work you can’t look away from. The reality is, the world of gallery art has been dominated by an overwhelming lack of diversity. That means the intimate, thought-provoking stories on display here are the ultimate act of vulnerability, and in turn, the most authentic form of activism.

the solution

A digital gallery that honors the artists’ approach: unconventional, intimate and uncensored.

We concepted, designed, and produced a digital experience that uses dynamic UX to highlight collections from 89 artists across Creator Labs’ 7 seasons while still giving each person’s work the individual attention it deserves. This kind of flexibility and scalability are key to the design, allowing us to support this season’s launch, honor past seasons’ artists, and hold space for all the great work to come. 

Ultra smooth animation gives the feeling of moving through your own personal gallery.