Hologram Shoe Box

Creating a hologram using Looking Glass and controlling it with Leap Motion.


Neil Pullman, Matt Singleton


Looking Glass, Leap Motion, Three.js

Grow was in early on purchasing a LightBox and this was one of the first demos we worked on to see what it was like to work with it and what it was capable of. LightBox’s team provides a Three.js helper library called Holoplay.js. With both Three.js and Holoplay.js, creating our first hologram and interacting with it inside LightBox was relatively straightforward.

Once we had this running, I immediately wanted to use my hands to “grab” and play with the hologram. Grow also had an early Leap Motion controller and I quickly grabbed it and started integrating it into this demo. The result is being able to spin the shoe with your hands, and explode/contract it with pinch/expand finger motions.