Unlocking Deeper Audience Connection with AI

Kali Johnson

Kali Johnson

Associate Tech Director

Recent advancements in AI are revolutionizing data analysis. Brands can leverage this to innovate in their digital experiences and platforms, and ultimately drive business growth.

Great brand marketers understand their audiences and craft their digital campaigns and experiences accordingly — meeting their users’ wants and needs. But as AI rapidly improves, it’s quickly becoming a must-have tool in a marketer’s toolset, enabling them to discover insights that traditional analysis might miss, and powering next-generation digital experiences.

Consider how AI enables brands to build deeper audience connections — by building more nuanced layers of segmentation, creating more personalized experiences, and anticipating evolving trends.

Creating more nuanced audience segmentation

AI empowers brand marketers to refine their audience segmentation strategies, uncovering both high-level segments as well as more nuanced and targeted segments. With AI-driven analytics, marketers can consider multiple, layered factors, such as behavioral data, purchase history, and psychographic attributes.

With micro-segments in hand, brands can create marketing plans and responsive digital experiences with more meaningful messaging and higher audience engagement. For example…

  • Users could be automatically added to micro-segments based on their browsing patterns. New mailing list subscribers, for example, could automatically be categorized so they’re sent the most relevant content for their micro-group.

  • Website user journeys could be optimized and tested against specific micro-groups. Site elements such as navigation, imagery, or copy could be tailored to those groups and even evolve dynamically over time with AI-powered content creation.

Making experiences more personal

When it’s time to get personal, AI can combine omnichannel consumer data with logged-in user profile and behavioral data to uncover new insights. This enables brands to deliver hyper-personalized experiences tailored to the unique needs and desires of each user. Imagine…

  • A website could adapt itself in real-time to suit each user. For example, articles could feature products recently considered by a user, or even reword to highlight the features most relevant to the user’s profile attributes.

  • Product reviews could be customized to every individual, showing the best and most relevant testimonials to match a user’s purchase journey or content consumed. For example, a user who has been reading on-site content about trail running and lives in Florida could see shoe reviews that mention trail performance in humid weather.

  • Users could engage with an AI-powered concierge powered by a person’s on-site browsing and transaction history. Unlike today’s automated chatbots, AI could better understand intention in questions like, “What cables do I need for the amp I just purchased?”

Anticipating evolving trends

AI’s predictive capabilities allow brands to forecast future behavior with remarkable accuracy. By analyzing historical data and monitoring current data, AI algorithms identify patterns and correlations that indicate shifts in preferences, emerging trends, and changing market dynamics. Using AI as a predictive tool gives brands a competitive edge, positioning them as trendsetters and fostering customer loyalty.

Harnessing AI’s predictive capabilities enables brands to adapt quickly, launch more innovative products, and capitalize on new opportunities. For example…

  • An AI-powered content calendar could make content and campaign suggestions based on emerging product sales trends, audience engagement themes from the brand’s social media channels, and more.

  • Your omnichannel data could arrive in your inbox as a monthly marketing plan. AI could combine your data with global and regional trends to create topic recommendations for emails, articles, social posts, and content.

  • AI could identify thematic shifts in your competitors’ marketing strategies, and highlight new opportunities to evolve your business offerings and online presence.

AI is a game-changer for brands seeking to thrive in today’s data-driven landscape. Those that embrace AI-driven insights can cultivate stronger connections, fuel innovation, and achieve sustained growth. New digital experiences and platforms powered by AI will be more personalized, targeted and engaging than ever before.