How Our Custom “Shoutouts” App Supports Daily Peer Praise

Whitney Austin

Whitney Austin

Senior Executive Assistant to the CEO

Amazing things happen here everyday by amazing people, and we want those accomplishments to be seen and celebrated by the whole team.

Recognizing our peers for their great work is an important part of our culture, both in supporting an environment where we challenge each other to create the exceptional, and in strengthening the relationships that make such a high-performance culture possible. 

This is why we built our custom shoutouts system. All it takes is a simple slack command, but the magic is in how we bring that to life — both in our digital and physical environments.

Frictionless praise

To make it simple and easy to give a shoutout, we built the process directly into our flow of work. Simply send a slack message to our custom bot with your message of praise, and tag the person or people you want to recognize. Voila! Shoutout submitted.

Starting every morning with praise

What better way to start the day than with a roundup of your peers’ amazing accomplishments? Every morning, our bot shares a roundup of all shoutouts given in the last 24 hours, tagging those team members in the company’s main slack channel. 

Team members then jump in to share the love with their emoji reactions, which are often as heartwarming as they are off-the-wall — celebrating their peers however they see fit!

Make them unmissable 

To make peer recognition even more visible and ever-present, we brought shoutouts into our office environment with a digital display. The custom app cycles through shoutouts and brings them to life with fun animations that hero our team members, and make it enjoyable to peep throughout the day.

Since we launched our custom slack tool a few years ago, our employees have given 4,200 shoutouts…and counting. That’s a lot of good vibes. 🙌

Many of our friends and colleagues who’ve seen our shoutouts system have asked if they can get one for their company, and the answer is yes. Both the bot and digital display can be tied into your company-specific tools, environments, and culture. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out.