Commit To Change

We recognize that greater representation and diversity starts with transparency and accountability.

Grow seeks to be a positive force for change, both in our community and as we aspire to improve diversity and inclusion within our company.

Grow unequivocally condemns and stands against racism, violence, and hate crimes of any kind. Discrimination and intolerance are contrary to Grow’s values, and frankly unacceptable in our society. We’ll continue working to keep our employees safe at work from racism and discrimination, while speaking up and taking action in support of the health and safety of our team. More broadly, we will continue to look for what we can do to expand safety, wellbeing, and belonging in our communities and the broader industry.


In 2020, responding to the call from 600andRising to #CommitToChange, we made a commitment to increase representation across our company, and to openly share the steps we’re taking to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion within our company and beyond. We welcome and encourage our team’s help and input — both on the company’s overall approach, and on how we can better support them individually.


We update this page annually to report on our commitments, our progress, and our data. Our last update was June 20, 2023.


Key Progress

Since beginning this initiative in 2020, we have…

  • Engaged with expert partner Zanele Mutepfa-Rhone to conduct a company evaluation with full team input, and to guide the development of our DEI strategy.
  • Created annual plans aligned to that strategy, with a focus on racial diversity.
  • Shared annually on this website our updated commitments, progress, and representation data.
  • Formed a DEI Committee with the charter to support regular communication, awareness, and celebration of cultural moments throughout the year – a key company DEI goal.
  • Adopted Juneteenth as a paid company holiday.
  • Created a DEI speaker series, featuring national industry experts and local community leaders, to increase open dialogue within our company and industry at large.
  • Gave logistical and material support to the inaugural Mighty Dream Forum, and sponsored passes for DEI Committee members and other staff to attend.
  • Given material support to organizations supporting justice, equity, and inclusion, including The NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund, The Equal Justice Initiative, #BlackLivesMatter, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, and National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum.


2023 DEI Plan

Our 2023 plan centers around community involvement and education. The initiatives of that plan are:

  • Complete 3 initiatives to drive engagement and education with local students.
  • Organize a diversity-focused volunteer event with a community partner.
  • Roll out a standardized recruiting process to the agency.
  • Foster regular communication, awareness, and celebration of cultural moments.
  • Update published diversity data and progress against stated commitments (1x annually).


2022 DEI Plan – Progress Report

Our 2022 plan focused specifically on improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in our recruiting and hiring processes by providing resources and training for our hiring managers.

  • Establish a DEI-centered job posting process – Done
  • Create a database of diversity-centered job posting platforms & talent sources – Done
  • Educate hiring managers on inclusive interviewing, including live training – 50% Complete
  • Foster regular communication, awareness, and celebration of cultural moments – Done
  • Update published diversity data (1x annually) – Done


Our data

We continue to work to improve our representation, especially in director and leadership level roles.


Of Grow’s 43 employees, 29 are white and 14 are black, indigenous, or people of color. 25 of our employees identify as male and 18 female. 1

1 All demographic data for Grow is current as of June 2023